I bhave spent some time over the past few weeks working on some of my web projects. One of which is www.mapawproject.com . I spent some time validating the code of the site.

To do this I used the free online service located at validator.w3.org. Initially it found something in the order of 400 errors. I spent a few hours going through each error and fixing it, learning on my way the difference between XHTML 1.0 Strict and XHTML – Transitional, between XHTML and just HTML and many other things.

One of the main differences between what I had learnt in standard HTML compared with what I was learning about XHTML 1.0 is that most formatting is now to be done either with external CSS definitions or in the “style” attributes of various tags. Tags like < center > and < font >are now out and tags like < div > and < span >with style attributes containing formatting instructions will do the same things.

It takes a lot to keep up to date with these things. Kudos to all programmers out there who do.

The Transforming Egg