When we are all standing before Jesus when he comes again in glory, we will be separated. Sheep and Goats. And the evidence this great judge will use against us is what we have done for him.

Hang on a minute. What we have done for him? He hasn’t been around in our lifetime, we haven’t seen him with any needs we could meet.

This all seems a bit unfair.. Perhaps we shoudl instruct the creater of the universe to think more carefully about his judging techniques and historical accuracy.

I do not suggest it. There will come a day where Jesus will look at what we have done for his brothers and sisters in this life. What we have done for them, will be counted as if we have done it for him.

This isn’t salvation by works, it is evidence of faith, which is what we are saved by.

Have a read and think about Matthew 25:31-46. Challenging, interesting and if we were to “get” it. Lifechanging?