I went to a concert put on by Parachute Music (newzealanders….) on Australia day and really enjoyed it.

First up there was new world son, which are most definately one of my most favourite live bands. Awesome drummer (with solo) and great groove to all their music. I find that I just have to move to it. It was great stuff.

New World Son

Then there was Family Force 5 (which were very loud but very awesome). They have got some very heavy dance songs. The lead singer was wearing a set of hulk gloves to hold his microphone for most of the songs, launched his guitar about 6 or 7 metres across the stage where one of the crew was waiting for the catch, and was very active on stage.. quite entertaining.

Family Force 5

But, my highlight of the night was Leeland. As it turned out they had a really good sound and the lyrics to their songs were awesome. Very God exhaulting and challenging. Very genuine praise to the LORD.


I had a great night out with the Mrs…

Peace out…