Colouring in Pirate Pictures


Putting on some glue


Sticking feathers onto Captain Feathersword


Reading about Pirates


Making a Pirate Boat with a ‘flag’


Sailing the seas, looking through a telescope


Trying on mummy’s “pirate boots”


Pirate’s “ship” morning tea


Dancing to the Captain Feathersword song


Fishing in the ocean, near the Island


Making treasure  (masking tape wrapped around the end to make a ‘needle’ to thread easily)




Treasure in the treasure chests


Ready with his treasure map


Finding treasure chests


Mummy in her eye-patch, wearing the treasure!


I came up with these ideas based on items we already had in our home – a completely FREE day of fun!


If you loved these ideas, you’ll want to check out the facebook page Bec’s Extraordinary Children, which has heaps of ideas for activities to do with young children based on daily themes!


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