This week my “HappyHouseWifey” facebook page has ticked over to over 800 ‘likers’. It’s a milestone that I still find hard to believe.


When I first started blogging, for accountability and to record my journey through my “40 goals in 40 weeks“, I had no idea if anyone would read it. I hoped that a few of my closer friends and family would, and they would ask me how I was going with my goals so I wouldn’t give up. I have so many half-done projects and hobbies that I didn’t want my goals to be another half-done thing.
I started the facebook page merely as a way of people following my blog posts, so that I wouldn’t be spamming all my facebook friends that weren’t interested in seeing regular updates through their newsfeeds. I shared about the page on my personal profile, and soon there was 1, 2, 3 likers. Then 8, 9, 10…. 15, 16, 17… I was shocked.


I’m pretty sure it was liker 27 that was the turning point though. For some reason that number stands out, though I may be wrong. Whatever number it was, I remember turning to hubby and saying something along the lines of, “Oh my goodness! Someone who I don’t know just ‘liked’ my happyhousewifey page! Why would they be interested in reading my blog??” And so this awesome journey of blogging  has begun.


I’ve loved the opportunity to write, both about my goals and about life, record what’s been going on and reflect upon my journey.  There’s been ups and downs, and at times I’ve put too much pressure on myself. At times I’ve also been caught up in the statistics. It’s been disheartening sometimes to write something very personal to me, or feel like I’ve written something really cool, but then have not many people read it or no one share it with others. I’ve had to reminded myself about why I’m blogging. It’s also been cool in the opposite sense, to have written something and think not many people have read it, and then have friends or people I meet quote something I’ve written back to me or say how it’s encouraged or helped them.


Thankyou so much for taking the time out to read my blog. It has been such an amazing journey (sooooo far beyond what I imagined!), and I am so thankful for you taking the time to read my ramblings. I really hope and pray that you are encouraged and inspired by reading my blog, and that you leave with a smile on your face.


Hayley 🙂