Hubby was away for a few days, so last Friday I had decided I was going to let the place get messy and have to have some fun with the kids. Baking. It was kind of funny, because I usually find baking with the boys stressful – very stressful.


The day arrived. My Facebook status update said it all “After very little sleep I’m attempting Christmas baking today with 3 kids, including a sick bubba & a toilet-training 2yo  #extremeChristmasbaking”. Yep. Sleep deprived, a sick bubba and toilet training. The day was shaping up to be so intense that it even got its own hashtag. #extremeChristmasbaking. So how did we go???


Whilst the boys got dressed, I started by grinding up arrowroot biscuits and sugar for the day’s recipes, and then whipped up some of my Chocolate Breakfast Biscuits (recipe to come soon!). So quick & easy. Whilst they were in the oven, I mixed up some of the simplest ever chocolate truffles. Soooooo ridiculously simple.




By the time the boys were ready (and I had stopped to feed Bubba Girl her rice cereal), I felt like I had already made some progress so could relax and let the boys ‘help’ (ie. make everything take three times as long, be twice as messy and half as good.).


We used the ground arrowroot biscuits to mix chocolate balls (rum balls minus the rum). I decided that it was time to let the boys get their hands dirty and have some fun, so it was their job to roll and coat the balls. I setup their small table and let them go for it. The floor underneath certainly needed a sweep and mop… And B2 had a little toilet-training accident (ok, it wasn’t so little. It required a bath), so the floor got that mop it needed.




Whilst the boys were finishing off rolling the balls, I made the gingerbread dough. My favourite recipe I found online when I was wanting to make a gingerbread house years ago with a friend. I loved it so much that the following year I made the recipe again, but that time I made it into biscuits. It makes a lot. I mean, a lot. Like about 100 biscuits. I’ve thought each time I make it that I should halve it, so this time I did so that I could make it in my Thermomix. Another status update pretty much summed it up. “Converting my favourite gingerbread recipe for the #thermomix. Falling in love with my thermomix all over again.  #lostcountofhowmuchgingeriputin #extremeChristmasbaking”. It was so quick and easy, and I didn’t get cramps in my hand trying to mix in the butter and knead the dough. I’ll try to get the recipe onto the blog so that I can share it around next Christmas 🙂




The boys had a turn at rolling out the dough, but their main job was with the cookie cutters. The boys then had the important job of icing and decorating the biscuits. Somewhere in there, Bubba Girl had another feed too. I let them do a few each, and one of my nephews joined in, but after that I lost my mojo. The kids were getting tired and hungry, mummy was getting tired and hungry… it was time for lunch and naps. And Bubba girl needed her solids.





When the kids went down for their early naps at midday (we’d been up since 5am!), my sis-in-law and I quickly made some rum balls. Then we rested. And rested some more. Then sat outside with a cuppa whilst the kids played in the sandpit.


It was nice to just remove the expectations for the day and just say “whatever I get done I get done, and whatever I don’t get done doesn’t”. No pressure on myself, so I put less pressure on the kids. I learnt a great lesson, and the kids had a bit of fun.