Great days all round!!
Both myself and my brother (the other excitedly happy blogger) have had tremendously great days today, his because of english, and mine because of that fact that I got some more programming to do over the holidays!! Yay!

Have you ever thought of the difference between knowing about God, and actually knowing God? hmmm.. theres a thought….

You might have noticed to the right, the slab of google add’s. These should be a help both to you and to me. To me, hopefully to get some funding for the site to help make it better. And for you because the add’s that come up should be relevant to what my brother (the excitedly happy one) and I blog about. That will make for a more delicious “Bloggin Bro’s” experience for you all.

p.s. Love God and do what you like! (yes, that was an order)