The night before last I had the pleasure of talking to my lovely parents. Isn’t it great when they both have two separate phones but are on the same phoneline so you can talk to them both at once. Fantastic I say. Ahh.. this modern technology. What will they think of next? Mabye some sort of spring loaded bread cooking machine… Who knows…

I have been reading the book “Seeing with New Eyes” by “David Powlison”. An interesting thought presented in that book is this. Just how good is the word “unconditional” at describing the way that God loves us? Sure it can be used to mean alot of true and good things about Gods love, for example that God will never give up on us. But when you really think about it, there are conditions on Gods love. The condition of God being able to love me, and you, is that Jesus died. Describing Gods love as unconditional tends to let us think that God is not about changing us (which is not true), rather, just loving us as we are (which is not entirely untrue).

I think, like David Powlison, that Gods love is indeed “better than unconditional”, it was a love that will go the hard yards to make us more like Christ, a love that involved tremendous sacrifice, not just an empty tolerance of those us in the fallen human race.

It’s something to have a think about anyway.