G’day everyone,
Well it seems as if my brother has woken up after a long spell of laziness only to be more lazy!! 😉

Today I went and saw ‘National Treasure’ at the movies with my lovely wife. It was a great movie, no unecessary indecency, just a pretty good (but I must admit unrealistic) plot, and plenty of action. Its a great one to go and see, we actually both enjoyed it.

And something to think about. It is a thought that John Piper often writes about…

God is the only being for whom to give the best love possible is self exultation. That is, tha God is the only being that shows love the most, by making himself look good. The reasoning is this.
– God is the greatest most wonderful treasure in the world.
– The best love then, can be shown by us, by showing those we are loving, how great God actually is, not simply trying to make people think that they themselves are ok, or great, or give thier self-of-steem a bump up a notch.
– For God to best love us then, he must show himself to us as great and mighty and a treasure beyond everything else. This is exactly the kind of love he shows us in the great and marvelous treasure of Jesus Christ.

Do you catch my drift. Gods love is making himself look good to us. And so should our love be to others to make God look good. He is the ultimate treasure, where all satisfaction and life peace and joy is to be found. Let us love people with a great love and introduce them to our wonderful God, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Signing off. Geoff