Sorry I haven’t blogged but I forgot (that will do hahahah) I was a bit shaken up from my last blog.

Today when I woke up I didn’t think Monday ooooooooooor. I just went to school I felt very proud of my self.

While I was writing this the computer restarted because I touched a USB cable because I was trying to put on pictures from my digital camera with pictures that had people from my church carolling around the street. It was great fun.

Today was a very hot day, I felt like I was burning and then melting, while burning I hope it isn’t very hot tomorrow because I have to sit in a hot hall for 2 hours pretending to watch the year 10 award ceremony, (Insert 1 yawn here).  Today in Geography we watched the day after tomorrow, it was about like how the world was freezing, it made me feel a little cooler. At lunch time we didn’t play handball because it was too hot. Someone was going to cook an egg on my fore head because it was so hot, but I said no because I hit it the other day and it is sore. If you don’t know


CD’s and DVD’s look shiny. And it amazes me that something like that can hold and play stuff. God is a million times past the word amazing, Only God can ever know a word that can say how mighty he is. His even smarter then me ( na you think) Compared to me God is like the whole universe and I am a small microbe. A lot bigger then that even.

If that makes any sense .


Cows have cows legs and frogs have frogs legs, ok.

(If you don’t know why I am talking about read more blogs ok.)

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I’m going to get some ice cream.


I wonder how my big bro is going.

This is Jonny bro from bloggin bro blogging out