Now, about the X-Box, Hayley IS getting me an X-Box, she has bought it and it IS in the cupboard, and I was looking for X-Box games FOR A GOOD REASON. I AM GETTING AND X-BOX FOR CHRISTMAS JONNY!!! I am not in denial!!! Dont make me cry..

The verse that Jonny has in his previous blog is very relevant to todays society. You can’t walk into a shopping centre without being bombarded with “BUY ME” signs! We as christians need to be on our guard against all sorts of ploy’s to get us to store up treasures on earth that wont last, that arent as enjoyable as lasting treasures in heaven. God brings great Joy in the here and now, as well as for all eternity. The Joy that God brings isn’t limited, it isn’t here one day gone the next. It isn’t a dusty old X-Box that sits in the cupboard after a few years of playing, now outdated by the latest gameing console.

To tell you the truth, the whole X-Box thing has been a real struggle for me. I would really like an X-Box. To relax at the end of the day in a fake car race or something like that would be nice. But I know that there are better things to spend my money on. I also know that God does give us earthly things that we are able to use and enjoy, such as X-Boxes, etc. There are alot of factors in whether I get an X-Box or not. I really want to do what God would have me do. One thing is for sure, when you take what you use your money for seriously, everything you get becomes more evidently a joy that comes from God. So I want to take what I use my(God’s) money for seriously, so that if I do get an X-Box, I will be X-Boxing to the glory of the one who gave it too me. Knowing that all good things and relaxing things, and things to talk about and play with friends comes from God.

Please Pray for me that I make the decision that God wants me too..

Where’s the balance??

P.S. Something