Bloggin so soon says you

While I am writing this blog my nose is running and me feet are smelling.

While you read this your nose is smelling and your feet are running à running around in circles because you are so happy that I am bloggin so soon.



School tomorrow, I Have to go to school to get something and then I am not going again.

School ends on a Tuesday which is very stupid.



Christmas presents are hard to find because you love them so much and you want to give them the perfect gift to show that they are appreciated. If you get them a not so perfect gift, then they would be angry in their hearts. If you choose the wrong one then you have to wait until next year to give them a good one.



Christmas isn’t just about giving presents to love ones, It is really reminding us how God sent his only son on Christmas day. Nothing can beat that not even a super doopa loopa mooper Xbox.



Merry Christmas to everyone in case you don’t read again (I doubt it).