How should I start this blog? Well I guess I just answered that question didn’t I?…

As previously stated. Christmas is coming up! Thankyou Jesus for becoming a man and fulfilling the role set for you as our precious savior.

My lovely wife was watching a christmas movie last night, and it was basically about Santa, and his proving to be real, I believe overhearing that the question was even brought up in court in the movie, with a lawyer asking for proof that santa didnt exist! In the end, the main suspect for santa is prooved to be real and there is a lovely bit of magic in the air. Isnt that nice… NOT!

With most of the world not even believing that Jesus is the son of God, the saviour of the world, the light to me, the glorious promised king and the mighty creator, hearing snippets of that movie which was meant to be able christmas was almost as bad as getting your arm hairs plucked out one by one at 1.23 minute intervals. I couldnt help but continually think, isn’t it a shame that the movie’s of christmas don’t set out to prove that christ is real, but rather set out to proove that santa is real.

Now I know that seems a bit harsh for a poor old chrissy flick that wasnt meant to be true anyway. But I just think it would be soo much better to help people understand the truth and reality of our stupendously amazing, perplexing, wonderful saviour and Lord, who entered the world on christmas day.

Well if the movies aint doing it then I guess its up to us…

Hope you all stay safe in your travells and intimate with the Lord over the chrissy break..