Christmas is tommorow!! Just as well cause the bells have been jingled so much that have been broken, the partridge has flown out of the pair tree into rudolf’s nose and cause santa to crash his sled into a christmas tree which fell onto a number of presents! Very, very tragic….

What is a real tradgedy is that the little christmas gimicks other than Jesus, (as fun as they are for little kids n stuff) are almost limitless. Santa, Rudolf, Frosty the snowman, Jingling Bells, Elves, Magic, etc.. It goes on and on.

The christmas story, really is far from boring! It is a shame that christmas has gotten so faked up, instead of the great truths being proclaimed to be as amazing as the really are. Predictions from the past coming true, angels and heavenly host appearing, animals, a manger, people loosing thier ability to speak for periods of time.

The truth of God in the bible IS amazing. We should tell and think of it for what it is this christmas.

If you want, you can pray this prayer with me this christmas.

Lord, this christmas day we acknowledge and are so glad in you coming to earth. Thankyou for your sacrifice in becoming human like us, to save us. Thankyou for a truthful account of your scripture coming through to us 2000 years later. Help us to cherish the wonderful truths of your Word more and more, and in doing that, help the untruths of this world pass to insignificance. May your glorious light be shone on our lives this christmas. All glory belongs to you Lord.