As already stated by my quick little bloggin bro, christmas is gone but the king is not. Jesus came and lived and died and rose and is still with us, so lets remember him all our days. Not just christmas day.

It turns out that for christmas my lovely wife actually did have an X-Box in the cupboard!!! She got a whole heap of people to chip in for me. Isnt she lovely!!! Now I can play X-Box to the glory of God. It sounds strange and there is definately a danger in sitting my butt down in a chair and dishonouring God by playing for too long, wasting the precious time he has given me on the earth. “I will have to watch and pray that I may not fall into temptation.” God made it possible for me to have a relaxation tool like the x-box, so I shall play to his glory. And use it to have fun with others too.

It was indeed great to see family over christmas. Lots of late nights up having fun, lots of relative visiting, lots of fun this christmas. Twas great!

I had better start thinking of some new years resolutions…hmm….

p.s. According to my Grandma the internet should be burned, and there is nothing but trouble in it.