Hi everyone, its been a while but, as you may have guessed, I have been fairly busy getting used to the new living conditions, having the lil bro up to see the place and uni stuff. But, I am back now in full force ready for more bloggin goodness. I hope that you have all had a safe holiday if you are school students, and if you are uni students, continue to enjoy your holidays 😉 (Unless you are doing summer school like me!! ;( )

This morning I read about Gods salvation pattern and structure and its evidence in the old testament of the Bible. The more you look at it, the more you see the old testament pointing towards the ulimate move of God to save us. Jesus Christ!

You may have heard alot of Bible stories before, things like “David and Goliath”, “the flood and Noah”, “the plagues in Egypt”, etc. The bible is packed with them. It is a shame that the Bible is often seen as isolated chunks of nice stories (that just makes them seem all the more fake). The Bible itself is not an isolated set of stories to entertain children while the adults sit through a boring speech at church. It is a consistent, ongoing symphony of the salvation of God for his people in a fallen world. There is a theme that runs right through the old testament stories, straight to Jesus, the ultimate salvation!

Ever since sin entered the world, God plans to save his people are clearly evident. It can be seen time and time again in the way his people get themselves into a bad situation (such as a giant man threathening to put an entire nation into slavery (Goliath)) and God provides his people with someone to get them out, in the Goliath example, it was David, the humble young man at that stage.

Even though our sin should bring us nothing but death, God is merciful to his people. Evidence of this is that God did not destroy the human race with a flood. But he had a way of salvation for those who were his people. Noah building the boat that would keep the human race alive.

The plagues in Egypt is yet another example of God saving his people from bondage.

All of these Old testament examples are pointers and signs towards Jesus, they tell us that God hasn’t given up on us, but that there is an ultimate plan of salvation. He sets us free from the bondage of sin (which is more deadly than the slavery in Egypt). He is our ark (that will carry us through Gods wrath on our indwelling sin). He is our David (defeating a more threatning foe than Goliath – Satan).

Jesus, Gods plan for salvation is here, love him, learn from him, take this salvation as yours today. He is Gods ultimate plan.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!!