Today in science I learnt all about the greenhouse effect. I learnt that if you use the car to go everywhere it is bad. They said it is better if you travel on public transport.

Speaking of transport. I didn’t have good day with buses. On the morning bus. A dog followed someone on and it ran to the back of the bus(it wasn’t even anyone’s dog). It was very hard to get it of the bus, but one person was able to drag it off the bus. One person was listening to music and looking out the window then all of a suddern see this dog next to him. After the dog got off the bus it tried to chase the bus. The bus in the afternoon came half an hour later then normal. That means I had to wait longer then 1 hour for my bus after school.

It was a time that I had to be patient. But we were just laughing and saying where the bus could be, it could be in Mexico by now.


In proverbs it says “Better a patient man then a warrior…Proverbs 16:32


I could have been kicking walls and jumping up and down (chucking a skitz) But instead I told my self to be patient.

Ultimate lunch box is fun

Hey I am tammy..jonnies next door neighbour.  I am ovah at his place and it is so kool..his sis weg is here an so is tash an Nicola an we are playing ultimate lunchbox. Well stay safe blogging checkers..always stay kool and close to GOD. luv tammy (“,)

 That was tammy.

Hey everybody.

That was tasha

My little sis had friends and they got the computer and wrote stuff.


Why do you say go on a bus, you should say go in a bus. Weird ay