Well, today I finished the last exam of the semester, it was 3 essays in 2 hours, all about 500 to 700 words each. Thats pretty hefty if you ask me. I found it hard to finish. My last essay turned into more of a scrawl of thoughts than anything else. But it had an intro, it had a conclusion, and it had a body, so technically it is an essay, perhaps the marker wont think so if they cant read it though šŸ™ .. ohh well, hopefully a pass will rear its head come results time!

Some new features to bloggin bros may be as follows… pictures in blogs, a blogroll(so that you can visit the blogs of my buddies), a voting poll, and some half decent Question and Answers.

Prac is coming up soon, so I dont know how time is going to treat me in the coming weeks, but we can only do our best.

Now it is time to end with a Joke:
Did you hear that a scarecrow won the nobel prize?
He was an expert in his field…

Ba Doom shh

Thankyou very much and goodnight