Welcome one and all fellow blog readers,

I have just returned from visiting the other Bloggin Bro. We had many many exciting adventures, some of which included finishing “sonic the hedgehog 1”,  trapsing through waist deep water in a street that normally has no water due to the massive flodds, going on the search for frogs eggs in all the water (and finding some!), playing many games a old school red alert, and going to Grandpa’s 80th B’day.

Boy that grandpa is a funny man! ohh soo very funny.

Visiting the fam is difficult as far as keeping up the quiet times etc. Due to lack of space to do it in, and lack of time to be alone to do it. But I had some good chats with Dad, so that was cool.

Some pics of flooding and the hugely cool Grandpa of the Bloggin Bro’s is comin up soon! LOOK OUT!!! HERE IT COMES..!!


hmm.. perhaps a bit dramatic, but worth it I think… Ciao for Now!