Ok, here it is, what you have all been waiting for. The results for best grandpa rhymes(as voted by me).

Number 1.
Paddy loved to tap dance,
then what do you think?
Paddy broke his ankle,
when he fell in the sink.

Closely followed by Number 2.
Paddy made a sundial,
but things were not quite right,
So he installed a spot light,
to tell the time at night.

You can do alot in 80 years. And my grandpa has done alot. Those rhymes were recited by him at his 80th Birthday Party. Below is a picture of him. My Bloggin Bro and I are very, very lucky to have such a knowledgeable grandfather who loves the Lord as he does. Aint that right bro?!!

Ohh yeah.. Keep it the rhymes Grandpa… Go Grandpa Go!

Below: The Rhyme Machine himself