G’day all,
The countdown is on to when I finish prac! 5 more school days to go! Yay! Then I can return to uni life as I knew it before. TIME. TIME to blog, time to eat, time to read, time to catch up with friends, etc, etc.

“Do not quench the Spirit.” 1 Thess 5:19

I have been looking at this verse recently in my quiet times. In thinking about what it means, I have come to the conclusion that there are two parts to the Spirit of God’s workings in our life.

1. We need to do our best not to quench the Spirit when we can see that it is doing something. (appealing to our conscience, giving us gifts, counselling us, helping us understand scripture, etc.)

2. We cannot make the Spirit of God do anything. All we can do is not quench him when he is here, so as to enable him to work, but we cannot make him come. We may ask him but we cannot make him.

Its a bit of a strange verse, but has a clear challenge. When God, through his Spirit is talking to you, do not put it under a bucket. Listen and obey, anything else is quenching the Spirit. And we are told not to do that.

hmmm… The context of the verse in the end of Thessalonians is also interesting.

Anyway, just dont quench the spirit. Its bad.