Hey there bloggers, I have been doing an assignment that is out of a texbook that we have had for 4 weeks. I have had the textbook 1 night. How am I meant to do that! It is only 138 full answer answers. It is due on monday and I have done about 20.

Talking about chance…..

Scientists seem to say that evolution is all about chance.

When we flip a coin if we know how many times it is going to flip over, what effect the speed of the flip has, the air pressure, gravity, the effect of the angle you flip it and the effect the wind has and the effect of the landing surface, we would probably know whether it would land on heads or tails. If we knew everything about it then there is no chance. We would be able to throw it so it would definitely be heads.

Scientists simply don’t know that much about the process they call evolution, so they call it chance.

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