Welcome one and all!!
As you can see if you move your eyes to the right, “Bloggin Bro’s” now has a Poll! So vote to your hearts content! New polls will appear every couple of weeks, so make sure you return and have your say! (well have your say out of the 4 options that are available..hmm..)

Anyway, the parable of the sower in Matthew 13, Luke 8 and Mark 4 is what I have been reading recently. I haven’t really gathered my thoughts about it yet. I am wondering about the seed that falls on the rocky ground and the “once saved always saved” doctrine link. Because it said that he believed with joy but didnt last… Hmm.. I will get to the bottom of it eventually…And when I do, you will be the first to know! Yes you…. You!!

My lovely wife and I are thinking of buying a digital camera. So that we can take snaps of the cool things we see during the week and pop the photos on the blog. Also, so that I can find cool landscapes and things and take shots of them too. We will see what happens.

The real question that needs answering though is this… Where is Jonny? Has he been eaten by a laptop? Has he fallen asleep in wait of the kiss of a princess to awaken him? Or has he been glued to the couch by a wierd mould that grows only in chocolate “Breaka” milk because all he does is sit on the couch and watch tv whilst eating chocolate breakas? hmmm… stay tuned… The truth will be revealed…

Do you agree with Luke?