Today…. is a very special day.

It is the 16th birthday of Jonny himself! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Do you know what this calls for? It calls for a celebration. This means that you, yes YOU. Have got some things to do.

1. When you finish reading this blog, you need to scroll down the bottom of the page. Click contact us and sing/type Happy Birthday to Jonny.
2. You need to cluck like a chicken.
3. You need to visit one of the sites on the blogroll to the right.

Yes, thats right, Bloggin Bro’s now has a blogroll. If you know any good blogs then simply type them in the contact us boxes (along with your happy birthday.. or separately.. whatever takes your fancy 😉 ). The bros, that are now 1 year older than we were when we first started bloggin, will take a look at the blogs and get them up there.

I wonder how many more years it will take before Christ comes back. And I will probably always wonder, cause he is coming like a thief in the night.

Thanks for the messages people!

p.s. I got a digital still camera!! (and so did Jonny) So expect some photos!