The Kingdom of heaven is like ….

A sower that sows seed that falls in 4 different places. On the path, where the birds got them. On the rocky ground, where they didn’t have enough soil so they sprang up quickly but then withered away. Some fell among thorns, where they grew but the thorns grew up and choked them. The rest of it fell on good soil where it grew up and produced heaps of grain.

This is likened to the kingdom of God because when someone hears about Jesus they often fall into the above categories:
– they fall on the path, i.e., satan comes and snatches the message of Jesus away and they dont care about Jesus really at all.
– they fall on the rocky ground, i.e., the message of Jesus sounds really good at first, but then is quickly forgotten about.
– they fall amoung the thorns, i.e., the message of Jesus is taken to heart, believed, known, but ineffective in changing the persons life because they are too busy with everything else. Computers, school, uni, job, family, friends.
– they fall on good soil, i.e., they believe the message of Jesus and it changes the way they live, so much so that they become one who loves God and puts him first above all other things.

The questions then of course become:

Have you heard it?
Which are you?
Which do you want to be?

hmmm.. interesting thinking… challenging thinking?

It seems as if there has been an intrusion on the blog site. I deny the use of any pink apron, and I am sure other bloggin bro will back me up on that!!