Jonny is yet to blog in quite some time. These lapses by the Bloggin Bro havent seemed to upset the internet public. The latest poll indicates that his popularity is way up there with Bert (whom nobody knows and who probably does not exist). It seems as if there has been some sort of error on my Poll results though, coming in at a meager 0 votes. “Error?!!” I hear you cry, “You are the worst blogger ever!”. Well we will soon see about that. I may get a vote yet. Then who will be laughing!!! **insert evil laugh here**

Time is ticking down to when I have to give my 1 John talk. 1 John is a very interesting book with some very important stuff to say. When I am finished my preparation I will post my talk notes.

I went out to dinner with Jo and Scott to a place called “Malay Corner”. It was awsome! I would have to say my favourite things about the night (in order) were:

1. The crazy TV show they were playing (on Tv) in the background that involved rolling bodies, umbrellas, water, mechanical sliding chairs, and a crazy gameshow host.
2. The GIANT Coke. (pictured below)
3. The delicious fried rice.
4. Whipping out the digital camera in a resturant. 🙂

mmmmm.. fried rice…