Hey there blogger readers! I got new shoes last week and they are really comfortable.
My toes in my old shoe were hitting the ground when I kicked a ball.
I got the new shoes for free, the old shoes were under warranty (the shoes before the ones with holes in it.

I can’t wait to go to NCCYC. Which is a christian convension for teenages.
I get to have a weekend with Christians and have fun.

My yearly exams are going to start soon….doh…
My assignments are piling up….boring.
I am very busy doing stupid assignments that are boring..

The phone just rang so dad got it ….(infomation that is not needed)

I am very tired cause I got back from kids club with little kids running around killing each other.

Gotta go

Dad just said the TV in the other room is having a great time by itself. That is because no one is watching it…….Random