Hey there blog readers. Sorry I havn’t written, I was away at camp and then came back and had to do study and I am very tired from all of that.

At school the other day a kid was getting picked on …..”Your so fat that when you run your legs are not the only thing that is moving (thats not what they said it was something else)”.
So I said, “leave him alone.” So what did they start doing?…. They started to lay into me….

Why do people do this?

At school my friend said to someone, “How was the earth made by the big bang when something can’t be created from nothing?”…..So what did the person say…”So how is your cricket team going?” to someone else…..

Why do people change the topic so quickly when something to do with God comes up?

I had a hair cut yesterday and I have pictures of my hair……


go to this website because it is funny

Athiest Test

We are a supported by Mossimo’s meltin moments…yum..