Camps Camps and more Camps.
In the past week or so I have been on two different youth camps. The profiles of the camps were as follows.

Camp 1 – NCCCCCCYC (North Coast Christian Youth Convention)

– Seeing the Lismore crew again.
– Matty and Ben’s Antics.
– Jonny finally getting some Ball time!
– The Dutch Oven frequency.
– No veggies the entire camp.
– Seeing Nanna and Grandpa Afterwards.
– Learning that True wisdom is found in Christ

– Leaving
– No veggies the entire camp.
– Ben’s ankle
– CocoPops, Sausages, Cornflakes, Tomato Sauce, Hash Browns and milk for breakfast one morning. (All at once)

Camp 2 – Outbreak!

– Speed Boat ride
– Bus driver becoming a Christian!(Go George!)
– Lovely mountains
– Almost Getting crushed by a tree falling across the road in front of us on the way home!
– The food
– The Y-Fronts! (name of the band that played. Man they had a good bass player!)
– Helping Mark pray to receive Christ as his Lord and Saviour.
– Dancing with Hayley :).

– Getting knocked out of Perseverance Idol by the Candyman! šŸ™
– Getting up at 6.15 every morning to cook breakfast.
– Going to bed at about 11.30 every night after sweeping and mopping the floors.
– Uncomfy bus seats.

All in all, two great camps, good to have a bit of a break from uni. And I will leave you with this. Your favourite bloggin bro Jonny, (according to the last poll) holding up his ball. He had plenty of ball time this camp, the cry of the camp was “Jonny, where is your ball”, the cooks would ask, “Jonny where is your ball”, during games and other various activities, “Jonny where is your ball”. Ohh yes, he did have ball time. Jonny Got lots and lots of BALL TIME!