Hey there Blog readers Keith Chapman was on Sunrise and they didn’t hit him but they talked to him about a new show that he is making.

When I was at Geoff house we went shopping and I got Beverly Hillbillies and Baby’s Day Out on DVD. When I was walking out of Harvey Norman I showed my DVD’s to the security and pulled out the receipt and said I have Babies Day Out and….Beverly Hillbillies.. every thing stopped so I said “It’s ahh, for my mum” so Geoff says sure and everyone laughed at me.
I was ashamed of the Beverly Hillbillies

If i was carrying a bible I won’t be ashamed because
it says in Romans 1:16 “I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes:first for the Jew, then form the gentile”

Did you like the dancing because if you did it was my idea and if you don’t like it was Geoff’s idea.

Beverly Hillbillies may be nice but Mosimoes melting moments taste nicer.(Thats becasue you can’t eat DVD’s(right Geoff) but you can eat Mosimoes Melting moments)

m m m
o e o
s l m
i t e
m i n
o n t
e g s