Sticky Tape is quite a useful thing.

Today in my assignment writing travels (only 3 left to do in my university career!) I made good use of this sticky tape. The pictures below give you some indication of the magnitude of its use. I managed to make a cd holding contraption/device entirely out of sticky tape(and a piece of paper for a flap). “Why?” I hear you all cry.. well for a number of reasons.
a. because I wanted to see the reaches of the use of sticky tape.
b. procrastination (sort of)
c. because I am too stingy to give away one of my real cd cases
d. because my lecturer has a sense of humour (somewhat)
e. (because I like brackets)()()()()()()()

Enjoy the pics of my ultra mega mecha super dooper cd holder below.

I am off to hand it in now!
And Hayley says I do nothing!