Hey there i am finally bloggin…(what should I blog about i know)

In the holidays and the first week of school I was trying to finish 1 game of age of empires (computer strategy game). I had finally figured out a way to beat them when they resigned…..the computer resigned? I had been playing the game and it would exit me out for no reason when i was just about to win. this happened about 6 times so i had to keep saving it. The computer resigned after 12 hours an 8 minutes and 56 seconds of intense game strategy. I am never going to finish 1 game am I. That was a great waste of time, I could have been making CD holders out of sticky tape or reading the Bible or maybe even blogging.

The computer that I played it on i had to fix it to let me play because i am not alowed any games on the laptop. Yeah I fixed it, me I was so proud of myself. How I fixed it was I turned the on the on button and it worked…..I am so clever…If you ever want any computers fixed then don’t hesitate to ask….Geoff. Because I heard he is very clever at making CD holders.


In your anger do not sin..Ephesians 4:26

Sometime the computer can make you so angry you just want to head butt someone (by the way sorry Wendy hahahaha) especially if you have been playing a game for 12 hour and the computer resigns.r.rrrrrr.

see ya later, hopefully not to much later.

This is what you say to your friends
– The other day on TV I saw an anaconda attacking a piecost.
– They say what. what’s a piecost
– You say about $3
Then they get angry so you run while they figure it out.