Batteries are like pens you buy thousands of pens a year and when you need one you can’t find one. Batteries are very usefull because they can run alot of portible equipments like:
Portable TV
MP3 players
CD players
and the list goes on
We use batteries everywhere.
Normal battery’s cost about $1 each. You can only use it once.
A rechargeble battery costs about $5 and you can keep recharging it for ages.
When a battery dies it’s it
When a rechargeable battery dies it keeps on going

Christians are like the Rechargeble batteries because we don’t die but go to heaven.
Jesus is our recharger, he keeps us going.

We might feel like it is a loosing battle (see below) but we are Recharged in Jesus.So we can get through hardship.

Which would win IN THE END a rechargable battery or 100 other batteries?


We might be the only Christian at school (the only light) and there is 1000’s of non-Christians just remember not to start to do what is wrong just because everyone is doing it.You should show them what is right.

Don’t loose your recharge, but tell others how they can be recharged.

The pictures below are of my battery collection which has not yet been thrown away. yet

Don’t do what the computer on Age of Empires did and resign when there is an army of oppositions no matter how big.