Uni is finished!

Thats, right, no more assignments and exams for me! (at least for a little while). After working hard to get my assignments out of the way you would think it would be a stress free bliss after uni! But … Now I am entering the wonderful world of full time work! I have decisions coming out of my ears as far as whether to teach in state system or in a christian school, but thats life, and God is good, so I will be alright! This is my “I am finished my assignments” face.

Last night I had the opportunity to celebrate my finishing uni, by going out to a movie. I am afraid to say this movie was not the typical go out and celebrate a guy finishing uni sort of movie. It was … Pride and Prejudice. “Argh!!” I hear the guys cry. “Ohhh, how sweet!!” I hear the ladies cry. Well it turns out it wasn’t that bad. Sort of a romantic comedy it turns out. And it sure beats the 6 hour mini-series edition of it that is as boring as a computer without “Google” products installed.

And on a more mysterious note. While I was outside inspecting my orchid collection, I just so happen to look up to the tree that shades my little beauties, and I saw something quite mysterious indeed! Two dead magpies, huddled together (or mangled together), suspended from a branch in the middle of the tree. I have never seen anything like it. If you have a theory as to how they got that way I would love to hear it, as the only theories I can come up with involve big koala’s and round-up.