About time I blogged! Well I have got my reasons why I haven’t and they are mine, so you cant have them!

My computer is coming up to its 4th birthday. Its had its fair share of replacements and new bits a pieces. Two Power Supplies, a hard drive or two, a dvd burner and a firewire card. It seems as if it is just about due for another major part replacement. The motherboard. Here is a pic of my motherboard. See anything unusual?????

I am surprised it is still running with capacitors blown out and leaking so badly! It seems as if I am going to need a replacement motherboard, problem is, unless I change over the ram and CPU, I can’t buy a new one, because the rest of my old parts won’t fit with it. But I figure an old one that works is better than an old one that is just hanging on for deal life!

Ahhhhh.. the wonderful world of computers.

p.s. do you know how old Bloggin Bro’s (the website, not the actual bro’s) is tomorow???