Hey there blog readers
my exams are finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah free at last.

This week I have done stupid mistakes all week
It starts in the school certificate maths test. I thought I finished and I thought the last question was hard and was only worth 1mark. I said to my self your not leaving to you get it so I spent half an hour working on it. 2 minutes from the end of the test I went to turn th page and say im finished. Then I noticed that there was another page and another so I mist 20% of the questions.Doh!

After that I accidentaly hit Mr Wade in the head with the tennis ball while I was playing handball(it hit my wrist)
I said sorry.

Then the next day in woodwork I was making a ladder, and I glued the back on the front after I just put the piece on upside down.
I woodwork the next day, I tried to put the top on, so I drilled the holes and then went to put the screws in and I marked it out so the screws diddn’t touch the wood that I should.

silly jonny

don’t have to go to school