Hey there blog readers I just spent ages writing a blog and I clicked on blog and it stuffed up. Doh!

At school we are pretending to do work becasue the teachers are told to teach us but they don’t want to. So we are just watching movies and looking for camera angles (not)for the rest of the year.

I am getting really good at playing Basketball on the XBOX (it still counts)I wish I could make Mossimo’s Melting moments on XBOX mmmmm yum

These things are a waste of time that can amuse you for hours:

  • Using random on a calculator and trying to get it to be 0
  • clicking pens
  • Trying to get exactly a minute on a stopwatch
  • dance (ha)
  • crying over spilt milk (it’s just not fair)
  • see what you can count up to using only your fingers and toes.
  • bite fingernails
  • play with rubberbands (ow that was my eye) ok don’t do this
  • stare at a blank television
  • pour a drink of water and then close your eyes while you drink it and then open your eyes and try and guess what happend to it (mine evaporated)
  • make sock pupperts and make a conversation
  • use scissors to moe the lawn
  • bird watching on the internet ( thats what I did in Science this week
  • Telling ridles that don’t end

for example: If Pete and  Repete were in a boat and Pete fell out who was left then they say repeat so you repeat it for them.

have great weak God Bless