Well, since it has been a whole 7 days since one of the boys has blogged, I feel it to be my duty to blog so that you all are not bored to tears from this site. I don’t know about you, but I get disappointed when I open up a blog and nothing has changed since I last looked.

Geoff’s excuses are, “but there is nothing to blog about” or “I don’t have time to blog”, but I think they are lame! Even Jonny’s “studying 4 exams” blog somehow managed to get 10 comments…

So what has been happening… Geoff has been working working working, lots lots lots. In his spare time, he has been researching in preparation to buy a new computer (yay!) sometime after Christmas, if this one will last that long.

He has also been spending time looking after some Orchids that he got from his Grandad.

I have been up to lots of little random things. This morning, I spent time trying to catch my big tadpole in my pond, but because of all the rain the water was all murky cause dirt got in there, so I couldn’t find it. But it was fun anyway. I’ll get you a pic soon – I promise!

I also spent time watching Pride & Prejudice (the REAL one), cleaning, folding, writing Christmas cards to our neighbours and deciding upon which Tupperware to buy at my party on Monday night. (Geoff is going to come to the party too! hehe)

Jo and I went shopping yesterday to spend the money our husbands were earning. We had Baskin Robbins… Yummm…