Hey there blog readers I have been kind of sick this week with a sore throat and stomach and multiple headaches.
I was feeling alot better on Friday. On Friday at Youth Group there was a water slide where there was tarps put along the ground for 20 metres with a mattress at the beggining to jump on. The whole thing was then wet and we put washing deturgent on it. We slide so far it was very fun. I slide along the whole thing except the last 2 metres so I stood up and tried to run it. I made it off the edge except when I did i slipped and hit my head on the ground (it felt so far down). I was a bit dizzy then.I kept going down for a while and then people kept saying your back is bleeding”your back is bleeding”. I was pretty sure i couldnt feel it becasue my head was so sore. So I wasn’t alowed to go down on my back so i didn’t. I kept going down on my belly with my arms out. My arms got so sore then afterwards the swelled up and bruised and are very sore. especially cleaning walls (dont do that).

Ok this just happened just before… I have Dial-up internet (dont laugh) and i wanted to see if dad left the internet on so I plugged the phone line into the phone. I picked up the phone and it was working so I thought he wasn’t on the internet so I put the phone down and it wrang. I thought perfect timming, I picked it up and it was the internet sound ???? So what i did was say I order you to disconect. I put the phone down with a puzzled face. I said that was weird. All you computer people try to figure that one out ay.

At Youth Group our Youth leader wants us to change the name of Youth Group. I think everyone is a bit attached to the name becasue someone else tried to call it IMPACT and everyone didn’t really like it at all. What are some good names for a Youth Group that is held on Friday night. I think mosimoes melting momments night might have to win if you guys can’t come up with anything better.

The name isnt really important but the fellowship is.
Do everything without complaining or arguing. Philippians 2:14… this is so very hard to do for me. I say things like

It’s Wendy’s turn
I did it last time
I’m busy
Look at the time
Look a distraction (and then they look and then i run)
The dishes will dry them selves.
I’m not waterproof

But they never seem to work in the end so I just wasting my time complaining.
Have fun this week but don’t get hurt this week.