What do Schoolies and Tadpoles have in common? … they are both at a crucial age of development..

Each year, school leavers(otherwise known as schoolies) flock to surface paradise on Queenslands Gold Coast to have the biggest party imaginable. You need no invite to attend, it cant be gate crashed, and thousands upon thousands of young people head there after what would seem for them to be the big turning point in thier lives. Out of School and into LIFE!

For many though, “schoolies” isnt what they thought it would be, and many schoolies start to realise that there is more to life than getting drunk and hanging out with your mates. Alot of schoolies come “unstuck” (to quote a good mate of mine.. Thanks Jim) and end up in a bit of strife, be it the victim of rape, fights or just being way to drunk to work out which way home is.

Each year a number of students from QUT Brisbane and UQ Brisbane go down the coast to help the schoolies out. Blogs of a few students that are down there can be found on my blogroll, and by clicking through some links on thier pages you can find some others. Student life is the group that they do it with. In the previous years I have done it, it has been fantastic, and many, many students realise that there just has to be more to life than just partyin. And in those times I have had the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them, and talk with them about the realities that really matter.

Please be praying for those that are there with that precious message now, that they remain safe, and have opportunities to share the good news. And be praying for the schoolies as they party away, pray that they may hear the message the world so desperately needs and accept it as the truth that it really is.

School leavers indeed are at a crucial age of developement. A transitional stage. Just like tadpoles….

See Hayley, I told you that I saw some with legs!!!