Funny Story!

Last night, Geoff was up working late so I went to bed. He was still using the fan though, so he said he would bring it in when he comes to bed. I woke up at 2:15am stinking hot and couldn’t get back to sleep. Geoff was stirring, so I asked him to jump up and get the fan.

As I lay there, I could hear dragging sounds, and he was taking forever. So I say, “what are you bringing in a whole desk to put it on?”. And I get some mumbled reply, like “you asked me to”. So I sat and watched, trying to see the white frame of the fan he was dragging in, but after a while I could begin to make out a black frame.. and some handles… so I say, “what are you doing?”.

He replies, “I’m bringing you the exercise bike”.

I laugh.

“But I want the FAN!”

I think… What on earth am I meant to do with an exercise bike at 2:30 in the morning!!!??? (Tania and Corienne would know that I’m not a fan of morning exercise!)

So he brought in the fan, and I tried to sleep, however everytime I tried to sleep I just thought of him bringing in the bike and laughed. But a little sleep depravation was worth it – 10 funnies sweetheart!

Tadpole Update: One of my little green tree frog tadpoles now has arms as well as legs, so when he swims he no longer uses his tail like before but swims like a frog!!!