Here is a question for your ponderage (should you find it worth the brain time)… When push comes to shove, which do you think prevails when making decisions in life, logic or desires. Mind or heart? If you are anything like me, when you want something, you will twist and turn around in little logic paths to get what you want in a “logical” manner. There is a proverb (22:13) that talks of a man who is a lazy person, saying that there is a lion in the streets outside, and that he would die if he went out there. This is all just of course an excuse to be lazy. There is no lion outside, he just tweaked reality so that he could continue doing what he wanted. I am inclined to say that when push comes to shove, the heart wins out, and our desires and passions really control what we do. Lucky God is so great and worthy of our desire, or else I might be making up stories about how there is a snake in my computer chair and lice in my mice and an electric shock coming from my computer so I cant do any work… When the heart is desiring God and his ways, perhaps we don’t have to resort to such petty false reasoning to get what we want, because what we want is/will be God. Hmm….

Anyways … speaking of what people want… Hayley wanted some Tupperware, so Hayley got some Tupperware…. (things seem to work like that around here, and who am I to upset the balance) … Boy did she get the motherload!

My parents are moving to Brissy! And dad is even going to be the associate pastor at my church. And guess what!!!?!!!! The other BlogginBro will be livin a 5 min bike ride up the road!!! Yeeeeee Haaaaaaa!!!

Other than that, I haven’t really been going anywhere or doing anything… In fact I have been receiving letters that have travelled further than I have (and probably ever will) in my entire life… perhaps I need to get out more like these three just did…