hey there blog readers sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. But I got an excuse. I as moving and the computer was packed away and I couldn’t get on the net. The other day going to my new home my dad’s windscreen wipers broke and it was poring down rain. When we were going 40 we could see but when we hit 50 it was very hard to see. I was in the front seat I could see out of the corner of the windscreen but my dad couldn’t. I had to tell him were the road was. It was very terrifying going 80 because we were on the highway were you supposed to go 110 or 120 for those speeding idiots. But we got home which was good. God helped us get home.

The other day my sister was trying to get an address of her friend to send a letter before Christmas. but my sister’s battery was almost dead so she quickly looked up on her phone the number of her friend and rang it on the home phone. She told her friend to text it back to her mobile. I was like what.

sorry I haven’t had time to blog because I was packing and unpacking boxes. If I don’t remember to blog before Christmas have a great Christmas and remember what Christmas really is.

This is what should go on an answering machine.

Please leave a message after the tone. Incase I don’t check my messages, send me an email telling me to check my messages. Incase I don’t check my email then send me a fax to check my email. Incase I don’t get the fax wring me up the next day and tell me to check my fax….. tone….. Hi it’s jack I……

The other day someone from church gave me a Christmas card to give to one of my friends. It had my friends name on the envelope and it had XMAS on it. I said to them you don’t write xmas it gets rid of the birthday boy. She said it’s not his birthday its Christmas. I was like what you have got to be joking and she was like no i’m not. she ment that the card was a Christmas card not a birthday card for my friend. I thought that she thought Christmas wasn’t when Jesus was born but when he died and I was like what. I had a good laugh.