Have you ever wondered just how far rollercoaster’s will go with thier thrills?? Will they be going 400km’s an hour in little plastic pods? Will they include Jumps? Will 3 out of 10 people vomit every time because they reach G-Forces of 6 in the positive and negative directions?

Well, I think that the latest ride at Movieworld (the Superman Escape) takes it that little bit closer to rollercoaster insanity. The ride goes from 0 to 100 kms an hour in 2 seconds! That’s some serious acceleration! But we all know that its not just about speed, its about height, and how close they can go to throwing you out of the little carts you are sitting in! Superman goes darn close, including a mound that goes up thirteen stories and drops off pretty much as if you were riding a golf buggy down a cliff face!

You will find some pics below of the experience….

It turns out that going to Movieworld is alot more fun than getting fillings at the dentist (you will have to get Hayley to tell you about that one).

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