Geoff and I went shopping a while ago with Scott and Jo in the city. We went into Myer to look for a glass plate to replace one that Scott had broken, belonging to a friend of theirs. Whilst we were in there, low and behold, I spotted the coolest looking COW MUG!!! AND it was HUGE! It was close to competing with my “Milka” cow mug from Germany which I use most mornings for my cup of tea (thanks Michaela!)…

Geoff offered to buy it for me with his spending money, so of course, I jumped at the idea! But then, he offered to half it with me! What? I wasn’t going to spend $6.50 of my money, when he had already offered to buy it for me!?! (It was $12.95) So I said, that’s okay, I don’t really need it. So he gave in and said he would buy it for me.

When we went to the register, it scanned at 7.95 and we got 20% off… so he only ended up paying $6.36 for it anyway!

My new mug holding hands with my Milka one in the cupboard..