Hey there blog readers I am so sorry I haven’t blogged for a while because I had a lot of work to do. I was also waiting to get the internet on my computer.
Yesterday I went to wet and wild and went on every ride except for calypso beach, 2 white water mountain slides (the dodgy ones). 1 speed slide that had a huge line all day.
1 of the speed slides were crazy. I went on that one. All of the large people on that ride got airborne off the slide going very fast and very steep .If they went down at an angle they would of died. They got big marks on there back. I noticed this after I went on the ride. When I was up the top I was scareish I was thinking to my self God please help me get down here safely. The life guard at the top didn’t really help my nerves by saying “ no-one died yesterday”. I went down the slide when I got to the bottom I was going so fast that my rash shirt went over my head and I was under water. I had to think quick,  cause I couldn’t breathe. I did swallow some chlorine water it didn’t taste too good. I got out with a very sore throat. The dive in movie was Narnia but I didn’t watch it all because I went home. The food at wet and wild was so expensive and stingy. They have upgraded buccaneer bay since I went and there was this massive bucket that filled up with water and everyone ran underneath it and got absolutely drenched.
That new ride at wet and wild is crazy.
I wish they had Mossimo’s melting moments at wet n wild 
The ride is called the mach 5