Hey there blog readers I am still sick. I went to the doctors again today to get my blood test results and they found nothing wrong with me. Next Friday I am having a Gastrointestinal endoscopy. I don’t really know what that is. The doctor says that I might have a stomach ollsa I don’t know how to spell olsa but it sounds like ol-sa. He said that you can get them from bacteria’s or something.??????????? Anyway Today I got a letter that said my name then it had a big yellow sticker on top that said Geoff’s name then my old churches address and my new home address. It’s good to see Australia post hard at work. I want to know why it said Geoff’s name not mine. Dad wrote down in his pda Geoffrey has a doctors appointment. Now I don’t think Geoff had a doctor’s appointment. I wish Geoff had a sore stomach not me. Just kidding Geoff don’t punch me …just kidding.. seriously. I was looking at the family photo’s and a realized that all the one that I was in turned out bad. Why is that

The picture below is me and I had a huge head didn’t I?