Hey there blog readers I had my operation thing today and they could find any stomach ulcers. So they still don’t know what’s wrong with me.

The other day while I was home sick, the phone rang so I picked it up and there was a piano playing a song (like call waiting). I waited till the person came on. She said how are you today (now mum has been wringing all the time to check if I was all right) Hey mum, I said I still have a sore stomach. She said do you know who I am. So I said yeah (not really knowing who). She said I am ?????????? I said ohhh ok, I thought she was someone from church that knows me. Then she said you have won a discounted holiday to Noosa….That was when I realized I don’t know the person. So I did the polite thing and hung up on them.

This person was not my mum, imposter. She sounded like her but it wasn’t her.
You have to watch out for false people. They say you won this now send us your credit card details. Then they take your money.
Like on the Simpson’s grandpa says “If you give them your credit card number and if one of the numbers is lucky you win a prize”.

The other day dad was trying to call mum on his mobile and he new that the number in his phone had an extra 0 on the end(he was aware of it too!) (Wendy told him). He goes I’ll see if it works, he waited and waited for her to pick up but she didn’t. He was really confused why mum didn’t pick up. I go dad you have to get rid of the 0 for it to reach her. So I took the phone and got rid of the extra 0 for him.