Well, this weekend has been a very big weekend for Geoff and I. Friday night was youth group, and Geoff gave the talk. I made a “tower” with spaghetti & marshmellows, and I think we ate and threw far more than we did anything productive with! AND, we coloured our lips blue with M&M’s. Saturday night was Catherine Carpenter’s First Birthday party. It was a blast – but we were totally pooped by 8:45 so came home.

Today, Sunday lunch, we had a homegroup BBQ at Ash & Alison’s place. It was a load of fun. James had one BIG sausage!

And Geoff ate quite a bit of Jo’s – now famous – Garlic Bread.

Unfortunatley, with myself being of the female variety, the camera batteries died just as I was starting to get into it, so we didn’t get a photo of Ash’s mega icecream sundae! Sorry guys, maybe next time… 1Corinthians 10:31