From Physical To Spiritual

In my recent efforts to draw near to my inner beings greatest desire(God), I have found it to be quite the difficult task. This could be for a number of reasons…

1. I am so full of sin that I you couldn’t possibly put another ‘little white lie’ in.
2. Satan has his beedy little eyes on me.
3. I am too tired because I am eating the wrong foods.
4. I am using my waking hours for my own purposes and not for God’s.
5. I spend too much time at work.
6. I am not getting enough sleep.

What has struck me recently due to my working much more than I ever have before is that the physical reasons above really have the ability to effect my relationship with God. Tiredness saps my alertness up like coke from a straw, limiting my ability to be alert in my time with God. The food I eat seems to be akin to trying to run a car on mud, thus making me tired. The work I do steals energy from me faster than the mud can provide it.

The ability for me to relate to my heavenly father in a spiritual way is directly hampered by the limitations and choices made in the physical realm.

I have no doubt that the tiredness of my mind and body is having a hugely negative effect on my closeness to God.

Then, what do I do???
a. Quit all work and go and become a monk. (dont laugh, the thought has crossed my mind)
b. Eat better foods (a very dooable possibility, although very hard)
c. Wake at 5.00am to spend time with God(which I tried once this week but just didnt happen)

Bottom line is, I am struggling and I want out of this Godless ditch of my sidetracked life. But all options that have the potential to make a difference are “unrecommended” (i.e. Quit Job, get less sleep, eat better foods, etc).

Sorry to depress you all, if anything, be encouraged that dispite the physical wreck, the Lord still has me desiring him ohh soo much!!